Update 93

The game is still in beta testing, I have fixed a couple of important bugs crashing the game. During the beta-testing lot of testers find the game difficult because most of the time there are very little indications and little feedback from the game. Since the game is inspired by the game Myst (the first opus) this is no surprise. But it can be quite discouraging, so I have added a hint system to help players who want to progress in the game.

The first version of the hint system was not very useful because the hints were too general, I have tried to remake this but it can take a surprising amount of time. Because each time I have to make new triggers in the level to track where the player is and decide what the next step. The game is in an open world so most of the time there are multiple courses of action, but I tried to help the player find the most obvious one first.

A lot of testers quit the testing after the new year break, so I am mostly finishing the hint system and the game will probably be released shortly after that.

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