Update 91

I have finished the content of the game, the dialogs can still change a little bit but the art and the animation are done at this point.

I have also implemented localization for the game, for now, the game can be played in English or French. This took a little bit of time for the menu because everything was prerendered and saves as images.

The trailer and the marketing content is complete, you can see that on the steam page of the game.

I have also added game controller support for the game, it’s complete but there are still some bugs here and there.

The credits for the multiple endings is also done, now I am working hard on testing the game, I have made some AutoHotkey scripts to help me test and find out bugs.

I don’t have a release date yet because I feel like the game is still in beta and I still have a low number of people adding the game to their steam wishlist.

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