Update 9

This week I have fixed a lot of bugs and added optimisation some of the map were almost the same so I have decided to merge them.  I have also tested SDL 2.03 and done a benchmark SDL2 / SFML2.

I have chosen SFML because when the project begins SDL2 was not yet stable and SDL1.2 was very old with his software rendering. So I have kept working with SFML but now it’s different, SDL2 is stable and all major bugs are fixed, and SDL is supported by most platforms including IOS / Android. So in the long run SDL will be more optimised than SFML there is no doubt.  I prefer C++ but a C library is not really a problem, to do the same thing with SDL you need more lines of code, but that’s pretty much all the drawbacks.

Maybe one more things annoying is  adding all the extensions SDL_Image, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, SDL_gfx to have something similar to SFML (without the network part).

So I have started to port the game to SDL because I think it will make the game more stable, I don’t want to have a bug when it’s is the library’s fault and not mine.

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