Update 8

This week I have compiled the game for Linux and MacOS X configuring and compiling libraries can take time. For example rapidxml do not compile on Xcode, I compile on GCC and visual studio. I have fixed a lot of bugs and I am working on releasing a demo. So I have also implemented a function to cipher the data (images and XML files). I have added a new option where the user can see the hitboxes of the objects.


I have done some work on the graphics, I tried to use pictures for the trees but it takes a lot of time to make the background transparent, so I am searching for a software to remove the background, but the problem is the background is not one color but many shades of blue.

Photoshop have some tolerance parameter for the selection but it also select some of the leaves so I have to pick a low value for tolerance and after that I need to clean the image by hand.



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