Update 78

I have been working on the computer terminal, there is some animations, loading bars that need a lot of tweaking to have a good delay. After that, I have fixed a bunch of bugs and I am doing the last things for the level to be completed.

The game will not be finished the 1st march, I have a lot more polishing to do, add soundtracks, beta test the game.

I have added a lot of new content so the polishing phase is really starting now. With all this content the game will still be short because there are five levels, some levels are bigger than other so I expect the player to complete the levels with this pace:

Level 1 45 min
Level 2 15 min
Level 3 1 h
Level 4 1 h 15min
Level 5 15 min

There are a lot of small puzzle interaction, but I tried my best to make them logic and pretty much obvious once you know what you have to do. I think the difficult part at the beginning is making the first discoveries to understand what to do. There is no tutorial in the game (even for the controls) so you need to make some discoveries by yourself, try things. The game becomes easier after you have discovered some of the mechanism but I tried to add new things along the way to break the pace.

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