Update 77

This week I have made more content for the last level, a few more things and all the content be in the game. After that, there are some sprites to redo maybe make more animations and a lot of bug fixing.

I still have two weeks full time before job hunting, I know that at the end of the two weeks the game will not be polished enough. Most of the marketing (trailer, screenshots) will be done after the art is complete.

I don’t have the musics for the game yet, so I still have quite a bit of work before having an unpolished complete game. But that’s fine, the game needs to be polished to be ready, and it will be release only if it’s ready. The single most important things for games is quality. Quality takes a lot of trial and error and to do that you need a lot of time. The time can be reduced with experience, but since it is my first “big game” I have to go through almost all the errors. Hard work will eventually show someday…

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