Update 71

A lot of optimization and bug fixing this week, the level did not progress at all.I have optimized the text rendering with a small library

I have optimized the text rendering with a small library NFont developed by the creator of SDL_gpu. I have gained a more stable framerate 60 fps when a shader is used.

I have also improved the loading time of the game by generating sprite sheets for the objects. Doing that I have discovered the rendering of SDL_gpu (which use OpenGL) is not precise when the image is rotated, the image becomes blurry. So I add to replace SDL_gpu with a library specialized in image processing to have something precise. I have chosen a small, simple and header only library: CImg. The replacement is not finished yet, I need to redo the sprite sheets for the animations, maps, and menu.

There are so many unexpected bugs coming along, it became really difficult to have accurate estimations. The only thing I know is I have two months left before the job hunting. Hopefully, everything will be finished by then, if not I will continue working part-time on the game. I am not going to release something unfinished or not polished enough.

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