Update 67

Lately, I have been implementing the secrets in the game but testing became a pain because I need to go to multiple maps through the game. Basically, I need to go through the whole game just to test if every secret make sense. To help me with the testing I have been trying to add a GUI menu for debugging purpose, but there is no really good GUI it seems.

I have been testing :
CEGUI 0.8.7 : The tutorial are mostly written for the previous version 0.7, a lot of things are missing. I have failed to run the examples, the library is quite big. I need to waste a lot of time on forums or adapting examples just to get something simple basic working.  A lot of dependencies are required.

kiss_sdl : Very lightweight library where the rendering is performed by SDL and SDL_image. So I need to modify the library to use SDL_gpu, quite a bit of work. Developed by one person, so it could be buggy.

nanogui-sdl : The implementation have some problem on windows, static linking is creating conflict. This is a port of another library : nanogui.

After all these research I decided to simply do a small command line tool myself something very small, where I can warp, get an object and change a variable.


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