Update 65

This week I have done a lot of programming with the game, I have implemented the SMS part correctly on the mobile phone in the game. Now you can use the phone to have a conversation with someone.

I have also integrated the video support with the library TheoraPlay. I need to integrate a video for one of the application in the phone :

The app is not finished yet, I need to work on the design, add buttons, etc…

The level 4 is almost finished but each time I think there are only small amount works something come and takes like a week. The only thing I can say for sure is : “It’s not done yet.”

It’s kind of preposterous to have a release with so many things changing on the fly. If you had asked me 3 days ago :

– “Do you need to have video support for that?”
– “No, why?”

3 days later 

– “Oh I see this is definitely the simplest solution ever 

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