Update 63

One big bug is fixed now, I have regenerated all the sprite sheets to add a small margin between objects. This small margin allows the objects to be displayed correctly when the game run in lower resolution. The second tree is finished I can now return to the level 4 of the game.

I have thought a lot about changing the system of dialogs in the game. Currently, the story is pretty much linear they are multiple paths but only at the end of the game. And when you choose a path the game continue to be linear until the end.

In this talk the system used is more interesting because you can make multiple choices that matter without having the  need to make new endings. Something linear where you do not have choices is good  for a book or a film. But for a game, this feel a little bit weak because players want something else with games. They want gameplay and replay value. Something linear the gameplay is affected and the replay value is absent. The game is done when all the endings are finished.

Most games story driven are linear because it’s already hard to create and tell a good story. But creating an interesting experience with a good story is much much harder. Because you can have a complex plot and a complex dialog system but it can be cheesy and emotionless. Most of the time harder things do not mean most impactful. It’s much more impressive and beautiful when the same thing can be achieved with less. This point of view has already been used by many games made by Fumito Ueda.

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