Update 61

I have finished the program to launch batch jobs. Now I can compress efficiently png files with BatchGUI, for now, I can compress files with this simple script :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<prog out="$FILE$-new.png" exe="TruePNG" arg="/out $OUT$ /o max $IN$">

		<prog out="$FILE$.png" exe="zopflipng" arg="-y -m --filters=01234mepb --lossy_transparent $IN$ $OUT$">

			<prog out="$FILE$.png" exe="deflopt" arg="$IN$" />


This job consist of compressing the images with three command lines images optimizers :

Img -> TruePNG -> zoflipng -> deflopt -> Img compressed

You can replace the tool with something else and also generate multiple outputs for one input.

The interface is very simple, you load an XML script and then you drag and drop the image you want to add.

BatchGUI screenshot

I am still working on the art of the level 4, more trees, more colors and maybe shaders.

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