Update 56

This time, I am working on the level 4,  this level is so big I don’t know where to start. The  first thing I am doing is to check what I have already done. After that, I am redoing a complete roadmap of the level because I know for sure there is not enough content yet on this level. The number of maps should be enough because there is also a night mode which potentially doubles the content of the maps.


For the moment there are 7 side characters, I think it’s good to not add too many characters to make these characters important to the story and the games. I don’t like to have a character who have only one line of text and that’s it you are done. I prefer characters with interesting personalities and with wich you can interact exchange ideas or objects. I think each character should have at least bring two elements to the story. There are also a set of bugs introduced with the night mode, which is annoying when testing things around.

The number of things seems a little bit overwhelming to tackle at the same time, so I am doing small precise changes each day to progress in the creation of the big roadmap.


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