Update 53

Still working on the level 3, adding mechanism, objects. I have also been practising drawing with a tablet a lot this week. I mostly draw on paper because making lines on a tablet is slow and not comfortable (on a small tablet bamboo) and painful after a while because you need to use wrist sometimes to be precise with small strokes. I need to make a lot of pauses to not overwork my hands. I have found that paint tool sai is better at making clean lines than photoshop. And there is a pencil brush that really look like drawing with a pencil compared to photoshop brush.


I need to do a lot of picture studies to have a “good” rendering with soft edges and proper colours. For the moment I am simply trying to get comfortable with a tablet with simple and fast drawing and rendering. The result is not refined and quite dirty with lots of errors but that okay I need to make a lot more small pieces to be fast. Making art with the tablet is quite time-consuming, so I try to limit myself because I have other things to do in the game.

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