Update 52

I am adding/removing things in the level 3, I feel there is not enough content but I already have a lot of objects, so I am trying to find new ways to use these objects. I have a lot of constraints such as not adding more maps and each puzzle must be logic, it can be complex (using different objects in a precise order on something). In the level, there is a goal and everything the player is doing is reaching this goal to progress into the game. The goal allows the player to know more about the plot. Since I have a lot of things in the inventory I am adding obstacle (things on maps you can’t pick but need to remove). In the level 3, there is no character so I don’t have to change dialogs. Adding more content without diluting the story is important, every objects and dialog are useful in the game I am not adding random content without impact just to have a context or things that are purely a waste of time.


There is little hints in the game and dialogs give plot element or object but no hints, that’s why I am making the combination of objects very logic so that the player know he can think before trying every object in the inventory. When there are multiple good solutions I can add dialogs to discard the possibility, but when the player do stupid associations I don’t add random dialogs to mock the player like many other point and clicks does. Because the first thing that it does is wasting time and create a delay between interactions. That’s why I think this game will be fast to finish because there is no delay between interaction and loading, even the speed of the text can have no delay. There is a lot of experimentations, combinations but it doesn’t feel painful to do since it takes very little time.

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