Update 5

The last week I was polishing the level: create icons for each item, add more texture for the maps. But during the week I became ill so during two days I was not able to make any progress the game. At the end of  the month I hope the first level will be completed so I can advance to the next one. Every level will not have the same number of maps:

Level 1 27
Level 2 11
Level 3 ?? (22 maps for the moment but maybe more).
Level 4 ?? (16 maps for the moment but this level is the biggest
in the game so probably around 40-50 maps).
Level 5 / Ending 8 (smallest level).

But even if a level have a small number of maps the task that take the most of my time is when I animate, so just one map with lot of animated things happening could take more time than 10 maps for example.

I try not to post too many screenshots of the game in order to avoid spoiling the story.

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