Update 47

I have spent a lot of time dealing with crashes with windows XP and Ubuntu. One of the method loadTarget creates an OpenGL 3.0 renderer so the compatibility with openGL 2.0 is broken. I don’t have  any other choice because I need to render textures on another big texture. And all that rendering use a FrameBuffer Object to have a good performance, and they exist since openGL 3.0. I could render everything with SDL surfaces with SDL_BlitSurface and then get a texture from the surface. I have tried to do that first the problem is everything in this game is stored as a texture and the operation surface <-> texture is slow and I need to have 60 fps with that method it’s a problem because I need to generate the final surface every frame because the animation is updated.

I am trying to build a Linux version of the game to check the game with Valgrind because on windows available alternatives are not very good or have too many bugs. I should probably care about that later but since I have modified the order of loading in the game it created a lot of other bugs and probably memory leaks. I am usually not very good at estimating the impact of a fix so I try to check with tools if there are some problems which are not visible.

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