Update 43

This week I have mostly polished the game for the first and second level, added some dialog boxes and polished some backgrounds. I have also implemented sounds (only the music was implemented), so I will be adding sounds in the game. I am trying to make everything coherent. I have been thinking of adding more animations, but in some case, animations slow the rhythm of the game. I think I will not add animations in the case of simple actions :

  • Get an object
  • Push a button
  • Turn on/off a tap
  • Give an object to someone

But when there is a combination of two objects an animation will be added. But most of the game contain simple actions so maybe I will change some things to make more animations. The animations cannot be too big because it will take too much place in memory.

This phase of the development is slow because you first need to find something to improve before fixing it and it’s mainly a lot of small things to change. The number of things is not known and at some point, you must decide it’s finished, but in reality, it’s never finished there is always room for improvements.

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