Update 42

The html5 demo is finished, you can play it on gamejolt. There are still some tweaks but the base is good and playable. Now I can return  working on the real game and start the polishing phase. I have found  out that the old version of the demo crash on my computer now, so I have deleted that from Gamejolt. For the demo, there will only be a  web demo  instead of a PC, mac, Linux version of the game in a 50mb package.

Now I am testing the game from the start to the end, and adjust the dialogs, art or add/remove content if I found it unfit. This is also the time where I  can add a lot of animations ! The shader system is complete and optimised now. I have spent 3 weeks programming in javascript for the demo now I will be working on the game, hopefully not on the programming but on the story and art.

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