Update 41

The demo is not quite ready, I had to change the loading system to have only one 4096*4096 and 1024*2048 sprites sheet loaded in memory to make it usable for low spec computer. This created new bugs to fix. I have also added the shader in the demo. I downloaded the old version of the demo on Gamejolt to see that now it crash on my computer.

The new version with SDL without threads should make things more stable I think, but for now, I am still spending my time on the web demo. And I found out Gamejolt is adding non-free games so I will be even more difficult to have some kind of visibility.

The demo needs to be of high quality the same as the trailer to have the classic scheme: Homepage –> Trailer –> Demo (web or software) –> Game. The trailer is the turning point for almost everything : greenlight, sells, others websites, press.

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