Update 40

I am still fixing bugs in the web version and also learning to code “properly” in javascript with JSHint because most of the code is still a mess. I have also decided to have only one resolution for the web version: 1360×765. This resolution allows me to use tileset efficiently, a lot of maps can be stored in a 4096*4096 texture.


The downside to that is the size of png file : > 10mb uncompressed, so I will try to reduce that size. I hope the demo will be done at the end of this week, every day I am fixing multiples bugs, you could say it’s done when I am running out of bug to fix :). But I need to change some small things and maybe add this shader for some parts of the demo. I want to return to the C++ version but I am more efficient when I am focused on one thing, switching often between environments and languages waste some time.

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