Update 39

The web version is not completed yet, I had to change a lot of things in the code to make it work and Javascript makes it more difficult to debug  with untyped variable. Javascript is a lot different than C++ so I add to change the XML data of the level to make it valid because the parser needs the file to be valid to be parsed. It takes a lot of time to add this. for every method in the code. Another problem I had was understanding the scope of variables because pixi.js does not have events but only callbacks.

I put on week in the port of the demo and I see more progress and fewer problems than the emscripten version of the game. For example, the loading times are much better with pixijs than emscripten simply because come things are loaded asynchronously and when needed. Emscripten needs to download all the resource beforehand and when you have around 80 MB of data it takes a lot of time.

Here is the list of libraries I will use for the demo (all on github) :
– pixi.js for the graphics
– mousetrap for handling keyboard
– howler.js for sounds/musics

After the demo I will test and refine the whole game !

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