Update 34

I have spent my time fixing a lot of random bugs where the game crash after exiting. I have redone the memory management of resources to avoid memory leaks. Changing libraries have such an impact on the structure, adding more buffers, deleting or adding threads. I am at the end of the level 4 but with all these bugs it may take more time, I do not have animations yet for this level. I will finish the game with the base so the game will be kind of pre-alpha, polishing the game will take months of redoing things and fixings bugs. I am doing the animations and other nice things after the story is solid and I am sure the content is definitive.

To sum up the development of the game:
current state -> rough – > base -> polished (alpha) -> beta -> released

The music will be added during the base phase of the development, for the moment, I am just testing if the libraries work fine with the game. After the base, everything should be implemented all the debugging goes into the alpha phase.

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