Update 30

The game is running works with Emscripten but has a lot of bugs with files and unimplemented features. For example, SDL2_image can only load png files because libjpeg and libtiff are not yet official port. So I want to import Jpeg I have to port libjpeg and modify SDL2_image, I have already spent two weeks on SDL and Emscripten to find out the library is not yet mature. I try to make a game, not a game engine but sometimes with low-level libraries I am forgetting what’s important in the end.

With things like this I can be behind schedule by a lot, I have 18 months where I can work full-time on the game, I am trying not to waste it  but sometimes there are changes and discoveries that can delay the game. I see a lot of indie developers where they underestimate the development time by a lot. They think the game will take a couple of months and in reality, they need 3, 4, 5 or more years to make the game. For games that are successful like Fez, Dust: An Elysian tale, Stardew Valley, Limbo, there is no problem, because they can continue to do they next game. But for less successful developers it can be harder to continue, they are the struggling artist or writer of modern time (this is true for every job in the creative field without a salary). But will you be able to live with yourself if you publish and an unfinished game which became successful, I don’t think so. In my opinion, success should not influence the satisfaction and regrets you have with the game. Success only influences the context of creating things (being able to make a living out of it). That’s why success should not be the goal if it doesn’t matter but the idea of being successful is nice. And that’s a social bias created by society: “you are happy only if you are successful”. For example, if I assume I have created Candy Crush Saga despite the success I will try to not appear as the creator and feel shame for the success of the game. The goal should be something lofty that goes beyond success, for example: “make something that inspires”.

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