Update 29

I am working on a port of the game with SDL2, there was a lot of bugs so I have spent the week on it. Most of them are fixed by now, I can again continue the level4. I am setting up Emscripten for the project on a Ubuntu virtual machine. I will use CMake for the project to generate configuration files without spending too much time. I have also linked SDL2 statically. This took me about two days of work to compile SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf, SDL2_gfx, SDL2_mixer with the dependencies. In the future, the game will use SDL2 for everything except the audio where I will keep SFML_audio if I can compile it with Emscripten. It’s a shame that I have to switch to a library I don’t like for the sake of platform support. But I keep telling myself that if I don’t do it know I will do it after and probably regret it.

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