Update 28

The level is going well, adding new maps and things. This takes place in a big city so I have created a method warper to update  the name of the place available. I continue the refactoring moving getters and setters in the headers, trying to get rid of all the premature optimisation with threads, because before I was loading big  4096*4096 textures, but since I have started this project full time, now every maps (1920*1080) are  in 2048*2048 textures with animations.


I am trying to add a lot of variety in the backgrounds and colours to give the game appeal. Animations and dialogues will give life to the game. I have been thinking about making a web version of the demo, but for that, I need to either rewrite the game engine in javascript or change the library SFML to SDL to compile it with Emscripten.  I have already tried with pixi.js and it will take a lot of time to implement and to maintain updated. With SDL, it could be simpler but I will also have to maintain two projects instead of one. So the “best” solution is probably to only use SDL for the project, but I prefer SFML  over SDL. SFML will probably not support Emscripten after a long time so maybe I should give SDL another try…

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