Update 15

This week was different than the others because I have worked on fixing bugs for the prototype and at the end of the week I have released a prototype of Hope on Game Jolt :).

So let review how it went on Game Jolt:

Views: 207
Plays: 40
Ratings: 2

Some of the views and plays are mine because I have checked if the zip file were not corrupted.

So maybe around 18% of people who see this page downloaded the game. I do not know if this good or bad but let’s assume it’s in between. The main problem with every game posted is that they have 24 hours of fame (or maybe less) of visibility  in the front page.

So making a good impression is important to have as many of download and reviews as possible and then the more persons you have the more rating you can obtain. And the rating is pretty much everything when it comes to staying on the front page. And if you are not on the front page you are done with Game Jolt in term of visibility. There is also a system where the team of Game Jolt plays games and if the liked it the game is featured. Every game featured have the huge boost in visibility because this is the most visible thing on the front page, and also they make a tweet every time a game is featured.

To conclude: This was a good idea to not release the game on other big websites (greenlight, itch.io) because the chances of success are very low if you do not have a small community following your game to have enough momentum.

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