Update 11

This week I have made progress on the level 3 mostly on the maps and design. The level will be quite large with a lot of things going on so it will take more time to make but as planned level 3 and 4 will be the core of the game gameplay wise, but the beginning and the end are very important for the story.

That why I try to progress as much as possible before releasing a demo because I want to have a good vision of the game. The demo needs to be polished enough so that when the game is released the demo reflect the quality (or not) of the game.

I have pretty much no followers on twitter[1], glusoft.com have almost no content and this is my first “big” game.  So everything will be decided when the game will be added on greenlight and added to IGF, PAX or other contests for indie games.

So I will probably try to make a trailer and a demo at the same time when I have decided the content and quality is enough to have a chance on greenlight.


 [1] Obviously you could tell about my twitter: “You have 14 tweets about some game in development with no other things to show how can you expect to have people following you ?” I agree with that fact because people who have a good community have like 14k tweets or makes 3-4 “big” games and won some prizes for one or two, or maybe published many small free games. Or maybe it’s the first game but they add a successful Kickstarter campaign, or done some work with others developers as a musician. In my opinion, almost every roads are feasible with efforts and patience.

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