Update 94

The game has been released since August 7, so it’s time to share the steam stats and the analysis!

As you can see the number of units sold is quite low compared to the wishlist. I also have a high number of returned copies mainly due to the difficulty of the game and a bug present at the launch.

At the launch of the game, I had a health problem that required hospitalization so the press coverage of the game is non-existent except for Adventure Gamers.

The first review I had is negative so even if I have fixed the bug most people will not want to buy the game. Some people liked the game but did not leave a review and I don’t want to give the game for free in exchange for reviews.

If the game is too difficult, people can leave negative reviews I am open to it but I explicitly said the game is difficult in the description. If the game is bad or poorly made and it’s unfixable, in this case, negative reviews make sense.

Maybe the price of the game is too high $9.99, the average time of the playthrough is about 7 hours so it doesn’t seem so high to me. Other point-and-click adventure games are also in this price range between $5 and $15. On steam spy, the average price is $8.63.

For the time being, I am focusing my efforts on my next game. For the next game, I will use Kickstarter to test the game viability before launch.