Update 82

The last level is done! The fire animation is completed, now I am testing the music and sounds effects. For the moment I can’t past the first level, I have discovered nd fixed so many bugs. But I am sure there are more bugs than that, there is always more.

I have finally done a dynamic wrap word system for the dialogs game. I have tried with SDL_ttf before but there was still a bug because the text is printed character by character and the line break was done when the word was not finished to be displayed.

Now with NFont, I am inserting ‘\n’ character before the text is displayed. Here is the part where I insert ‘\n’ char.

Update 81

This week and the previous week I have been job hunting, but also trying to make a realistic fire animation for the game.

I have been trying to use this video taken from shadertoy to make the animation of the fire.

But with that video, I only have a small fire with constant size. I have been trying to merge the fires to have a big one, but it does not look good.

I am playing a little bit with the shader to have something that increases in size over time. I am not comfortable with the maths used the shader: Perlin noise and Fractional Brownian motion. I am still tweaking the shader to have something good, after that, I can record the video and import the frames into the game.

Once the fire is finished I can add the smoke, the smoke is already done with the particle engine.

Update 80

This week I have not worked on the game because I had to finish the CV and I have some health problems so I rest most of the time.