Update 57

I have added a lot of content for the level 4, more objects and dialogs.


The roadmap is finished, maybe there will be some change after playing the level. I should also decide which song to play and in which order. But first I need to finish the art : adding trees, objects, maybe animations. After that, most of the content should be good so I can probably create a trailer for the game.

Update 56

This time, I am working on the level 4,  this level is so big I don’t know where to start. The  first thing I am doing is to check what I have already done. After that, I am redoing a complete roadmap of the level because I know for sure there is not enough content yet on this level. The number of maps should be enough because there is also a night mode which potentially doubles the content of the maps.


For the moment there are 7 side characters, I think it’s good to not add too many characters to make these characters important to the story and the games. I don’t like to have a character who have only one line of text and that’s it you are done. I prefer characters with interesting personalities and with wich you can interact exchange ideas or objects. I think each character should have at least bring two elements to the story. There are also a set of bugs introduced with the night mode, which is annoying when testing things around.

The number of things seems a little bit overwhelming to tackle at the same time, so I am doing small precise changes each day to progress in the creation of the big roadmap.


Update 55

There are enough objects, for now, I am finishing the last part of the level 3. I have fixed some bugs with the terminal, now everything behaves correctly.


The last thing I need to do is add more dialogs checks position of the boxes and it should be good to go! Here are the size of the levels comparatively.


The level 3 is one of the big levels but the core of the game is in the level 4. The level 5 is the conclusion of the game. There is still a lot of work to do and a lot more polishing! The level 4 is basically the level 3 + level 1 combine in term of size. At the end of the level 3 I will be exactly in the middle of the game in term of content (level 1 + level 2 + level3 = level4 + level5) :).

Update 54

There are a lot of objects already but I am adding two or three more objects.


In this part of the game, the objects are the core of the puzzle. Later in the game, the player will have fewer objects because the focus will shift on the story and dialog instead. When I see some of my puzzle compared to the game Obduction I find my game quite easy. But that’s okay I am not trying to be Myst, Riven or Obduction, it’s important for the game to develop his own style. In my opinion, a good style is this one that is compelling and inspiring. That’s why good games, movies, books are hard to make because creating something new and interesting takes a lot of iterations. But when you have that it make the promotion of the game easy because something unique stands out where most of the game tries to emulate some other successful games.