Update 22

This week I have passed on all my time on a complex map but now it’s done but there are more maps to finish for the level 3. This is taking more time  than estimated (as always you could say).


I have also developed a small app with libGDX for my sister. Maybe I will release it on apple store or google play. This is a logic-based, combinatorial puzzle where you have to pair numbers between them. It is also very difficult to win the game, so I don’t know if people will have a lot of fun playing it. I will probably set the price to 0.99$ since it does not worth much that and if I release it for free I will not cover the fees of publishing (even with 0.99$ I will probably not cover the fees).


Update 21

This week the making of the backgrounds progress slowly… Now that the images have no extension I cannot see them with windows. So I had to make an image viewer to display all images in a folder into a wall of thumbnails. It allows me to see the progress of the backgrounds without opening every file which can be quite time-consuming.


Update 20

This week I have continued to do the backgrounds for the level 3 it’s taking more time than before because there are more details than before!  I have to do other things the previous week: an app to calculate the distance between multiple cities with google maps API, some bug fixes for a website I have done for a doctor and, of course, AGDQ does not help to sleep more. x)


Update 19

This week with the new year I had less time than expected. I work on the texturing of the map of the level 3. Some maps are complex so it take a lot of time to finish it. I hope the backgrounds will be done at the end of the week because it is always the same thing (texturing) and it can be boring sometimes. So after a while, I draw something or do a study because improving my art is an important goal for the game. I have not yet found a good time to do these study except late in the night but when I wake up early the mornings are difficult. I cannot cut sleeping time without having less energy after many days  and I need a lot of sleep. :3

Happy new year!