Update 1

This first week I’m figuring things out for the art and also I am trying to find a way to add shadows and light for some maps with SketchUp maybe I will try with Blender or Maya to have more control. I am trying to texture maps without having too much photorealism.

I am also drawing objects for the game and try to make it look hand drawn I think it will make more tries to have something nice.

prison-door-closed prison-chair-tex book

Beginning of a new life

Starting today I work full time on this game, I have already developed a prototype and written a small script for the dialogs. Most of the  programming for the engine but there are still some bugs with the loading of multiple images. The real challenge now is to make the art for the game: sprites, backgrounds, animations and redo the dialogs to make things interesting.

Here are some screenshots of the current build (prototype), most images are taken from picture, and backgrounds are made with SketchUp,  As you can see there are a lot of things to do to improve the art (objects and backgrounds).

2015-08-24_133615 2015-08-15_013808 2015-08-15_013747